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So. No idea if this will work. But, to give people a handy guide to ‘zines they can donate to on Support Our ‘Zines Day (1st October 2009), I’m going to try and put together a complete list of speculative fiction ‘zines! However, I don’t want to do all the work myself, so am stealing the recent SF Reviewers Link-up Meme to make the…’ZINE LINK-UP MEME! I’ve added a few of the big ‘zines, just to get it started.

The ‘Zine Link-up Meme

Copy and paste the list (including links) of speculative fiction ‘zines below to your blog or website (include this informative introduction as well). Add your ‘zine (and link). Any ‘zine of any size and format that publishes speculative fiction of any kind can take part. Let other people, especially people publishing ‘zines, know about the meme. And help publicise Support Our ‘Zines Day by linking back to: http://damiengwalter.wordpress.com/sozd/

Asmiov’s science fiction

Analog science fiction and fact

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

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  1. Hi, Just heard your ‘zine piece on starship sofa. I agree with the idea completely and will be supporting. Do you know if any of the magazines you mentioned publish a version in Sony Reader, or Adobe formats. I’ve moved into that area recently and use the device a lot, but I’m missing out on periodicals and new S.F. Any leads would be greatly appreciated


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