If At First You Get Rejected…

…get rejected again.

Weird Tales have now rejected ‘Cthul-You’ twice, once by e-mail and once by post. To give them full credit they spent 84 cents to send me the the latest rejection, which must seriously bite into the profit margin in these tough days for genre fiction magazines.

On the very positive side both rejections have had specific criticism of the story, which anyone who has experienced the all to common form rejection wil know is pretty rare in itself. Pretty harsh criticism it must be said but useful none the less. I got given a sub to Weird Tales for x-mas so I’m looking forward to seeing one in the flesh.

That still leaves me looking for a print mag for Cthul-You after the BBC run. Hmmm…have to put the thinking cap on and get researching over at Ralan.

Voices In My Head

I got a nice surprise in yesterdays post – the audio recording of ‘Cthul-You’ as produced by the BBC as part of their Blood Lines season. Its a great recording and the reading by Adam Sims is great. I was a little worried before I heard it, after the 7th or 8th edit I was way to close to the story to have any objective idea of whether it worked. But hearing it afresh and professionaly stopped it being just 2000 random words on a page.

So get those DAB Radios and freeview boxes ready – 5th March, 6:30pm, Radio 7. Don’t forget. Chant it like a mantra to yourself whilst falling asleep. Or not. If you do happen to miss it it will be downloadable for two weeks from the BBC website.