Coloring Inside The Lines

A frustrating couple of days have passed on the writing front as work has refused to stay inside the lines and has obliterated the last two evenings, and will claim the next two as well. I did manage to get the 2nd  (and probably final) draft  of ‘Circe’s’ completed this evening, but that is it.

I was making excellent progress on a scene in Helos, put my pen down for five minutes to answer the phone and still haven’t made it back. That was two and half days ago. At this rate I’ll have finished the first act by June 2011. Hah! Looks like another lock-in weekend if I’m going to keep the pace up.  I’m going to get a wordcount going once I take the ‘Cthul-You’ adbox down, theres nothing like a dose of public failiure to get yourself motivated.

The ‘Tripod’ launch is this Friday. We are throwing the doors open to all comers so if anyone wants an invite drop me a line.