Not Suitable for Younger Listeners

Excellent…my first  advisory warning! Cthul-You went out as planned earlier this evening proceeded by a fantasticaly stern warning. I think most of the nasty  bits were succesfuly toned down in the editing but if someone looked hard enough at the subtext they might find it a bit disturbing…with any luck the story will generate a huge wave of complaints and establish my reputation with the BBC as an enfant terrible of audio fiction!

So whats hearing my first national broadcast been like? Listening to it live added an odd frisson, knowing that x thousand people were listening at the same time. Even the relatively small BBC 7 audiences are much, much, much, much, larger than any readership I’ve reached before.  But there is an inverse relationship between the size of the audience and the quality of the relationship you have with them. I’ve read stories at spoken word nights and got really engaged feedback from everyone. The stories I’ve had in small press magazines and anthologies hve generated reviews and commentary. But I in all likelyhood I’ll never hear anything from anyone who hear the story tonight and didn’t already know me. Partly thats also to do with having something mediated. Whilst novelists might get less exposure than other writers, they build a very close relationship with their readers. Whereas TV or screenwriters who reach audiences of millions are on the whole anonymous. I should quantify this as some kind of equation. The size of audience (a) divided by the number of layers of mediation (m) is inversely proportional to the number of fans generated ($).

Hey…Walter’s First Law of Fiction!