Clever Clogs

Apparently when put under pressure to say something clever about performance poetry I managed this:

‘The performance poet is less like an actor or comedian and most like the church preacher or politician — who knows that there are many ways to skin a cat … humour, yes, but also anger, tragedy, joy … the political and the personal … strong emotions you can bring your audience along with.’

Does that sound like me? I don’t remeber saying that. Or even thinking it. Sounds good though!

Read the full article by Lydia ‘Knock ‘Em Dead’ Towsey documenting her Road to Freedom at Poetry Thursday.


Sell Sell Sell

A catchy little 12 point guide to  selling your self as a professional writer by Meg Rosoff. My personal favourite…

‘Contrary to popular belief, editors and agents are gagging for good books.’

Meg Rosoff

Imagine you’re being paid 35k a year as an editor for Random House. You’ve got three kids, a husband / wife and a £350,000 a year mortage. Gagging is maybe too mild a word for how how desperate you are for good books.

You can probably boil down all 12 points to just one.

Write a good book.