The Fall of Rome

I’ve never been upset about a media related issue before, but have been feeling genuinely enraged since I found out that HBO, the makers of Rome, have cancelled what is without a doubt the best written, produced and acted TV show of all time, and I really do mean that. There is a petion on the HBO forums to get the show back. Go there and sign it. Now!

HBO have recently optioned A Song of Ice and Fire by ‘The American Tolkien’ George R R Martin which if it ever gets produced could be an amazing production. I have been watching less and less TV but the HBO shows like Rome and Deadwood (also cancelled) have been the only things holding my attention recently. If they keep cancelling the good programmes I’m quickly going to run out of reasons to watch at all, as are many other people. Maybe that will give me a good excuse to read all the good books I have stacked up.