First You Jump Off The Cliff…

…then you build your wings.

Which is a quote by Ray Bradbury that I like very much. Today I took my leap from the cliff edge and started work on a new story. Over the weekend I thought over the two ideas I had written as outlines. I was still trying to decide between them when I sat down with a cup of tea at my customary table in the Borders coffee shop. In all honesty I wasn’t feeling very happy with either idea. I was considering ditching both and starting again. There was a dark grey rainstorm outside that mirrored my mood. But this was the deadline. Time to get started. Time to jump off the cliff.

So I did.

It was one of the characters that tipped me over the edge. I realised he had a journey to go on, and I wanted to go on it with him. I’m pretty sure I know where’s going. I have no idea how he gets there.

Better get building those wings.