Nasty. And Proud Of It.

A reasonably productive day in the wordmines today. I moved forward by about 600 words penned in an hour after work. They aren’t great words – the characters had not shaped up particularly from yesterday but I ploughed forward anyway. I then went back to the start of the scene and started reshaping. Its at that point that one of the characters flickered into reality. I’m shocked to discover that I really quite like the scenes central character, even though he is going to do some horrendous things as the story develops (he is totally the ‘baddie’). This is good though, baddies you like are baddies with depth.



Or…please let me back into the ghetto!

There is a growing idea in the SFF world that the mainstream is the place to be. This excellent article by Robert J Sawyer explains why so I won’t bother repeating. This seems like a good move to me, although I think more ‘fantastic’ work, epic fantasy for instance, will still have a genre cubby hole. But for SF set in the real world the mainstream is calling. (The mainstream is also undergoing radical change, but thats a different post)

Prepare for scream of terror from the SF community. Not everyone adapted for the change and those less likely to survive aren’t going to prized out of their ghetto without a fight.

I’m predicting there will be a full and frank discussion of this at the Asimov’s forum.