Week 7 Round-Up

Well I feel thoroughly ashamed of myself. After missing last weeks word count by 1000 I’ve had the worst imaginable week  and managed no words at all!

I’m going to blame work this week. I had the Leicester Book of the Year award ceremony on Thursday. Not only do I organise the event I’m also the MC, and even on this the fourth year I find it one of the more nerve racking events in the literature development calendar. Well worth it however as it is always excellent.  I then had the Literature  Network away days which effectively destroyed the weekend.  None of this is a worthy excuse however. I did get a few hundred words handwritten but they don’t make it into the count if the haven’t been through the word processor. I’ve decided to use up a days leave tommorow to catch-up. Check back in 48 hours to see how that worked out.

I have managed to think through one of the key relationships in the story this week. I’ve realised there is a redemption plot buried in the story, so I’m quite looking forward to digging it out.