Leopards and Wolves

Just a quick stop by my book pile. If anyone is looking for  a really  exceptional fantasy read I  recommend The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold. If you like the idea of a love story between a wolf and a leopard it might just be for you. I discovered LMB earlier this year and can only say that if you haven’t read her you really should. She’s almost completely unknown here in the UK, which is our loss.


Week 8 Round-Up



I’m trying to remember the word for feeling opposite emotions about the same thing. It begins with an ‘A’ I think. Hmm…suggestions below please.

Right. I’d done 800 words of a new scene, and was planning to churn out the rest on Saturday morning. The scene was going _OK_ but only that. Not great. Not brilliant. I just can’t quite get the psycology of the two chracters to connect, I don’t believe they would actualy ever been in the same room together. This is a bit of a problem.

I took a little look through my ‘Ideas’ file (Yes, I do have such a thing) and stumbled on a story stub titled ‘Mud’ that I started on about 18 months ago. It was only a page of text but reading through it the whole mental map of the story I had been working towards unfolded in my imagination and the next thing I knew three hours had passed and I’d written another 2500 words of the story. Great! Made my wordcount. Bugger, wrong story! More good than bugger though, I’m still really caught up in the story and did another 1000 words on Sunday. You have to go with that kind of flow when it pours out.

So…I’m going to finish this short story which should only take 2-3 weeks max. Clearly this is going to put some pressure on the 2500 a week for the novel, so we’ll have to see how that goes. Really I need to make both happen. I can do that. I mean who needs sleep or a social life when you have an unhealthy writing habit?