Oh dear, that ‘0/ 2500′ is looking seriously embarrassing this week.

I’m facing a quandary. Whilst the book is in word count limbo, I’m ploughing ahead with the short story ‘Mud’ (Now at 5400 words). Its going great. Now one of two things is happening…

ONE – my subconscious is rebelling, and has started producing lots of non-book related material to distract me from the weekly word count. I should ignore it and keep going with the book.

TWO – I’ve stumbled into a really rich seam of material and need to mine it for all its worth for as long as it lasts. I should put the book to one side and come back to it when I’m done.

In either case I’m simultaneously very happy with with the short story and annoyed with myself for getting side tracked from the book. I’ve decided to do number two, but with the proviso that I get through the short story as quickly as possible then return to the book.

Which means enough of the blogging and back to the word mines.