This Message Brought to You By…

Some time ago I made a funding bid to Arts Council England to support my professional  development as a writer and freelance creative. It seems my stars were aligned correctly as my bid was successful, which is great. Thank you Arts Council.

I’ve been waiting all year to make use of the grant. There have been a long series of important projects that I needed to complete in literature development world but I have now made the space to step my hours down to part time, which will start (fingers crossed) at the end of September.

So from October onwards I’m going to have 2.5 days a week to invest into writing and developing freelance projects. Writing will be the major priority for the next 6 months  but there will also be a few developments on the projects front before the end of the year.

The first of those will be an overhaul of this very blog. Check back soon for details!

Week 12 Round-Up

I’m actually not sure if this was week 12 or not. Does anybody know?

Anyway, thats quite symbolic. I’m in an odd place with the story at the moment.

Around Week 8 I realised I wasn’t enjoying what I was writing. Worse, I was feeling less and less attachment to the story. It felt more and more like an amalgam of other peoples styles but not representative of me as a writer. Put simply, it wasn’t my voice. I have really beaten myself up trying to decie if this was just a way of quitting, and have decided it isn’t.

So I am starting again.

Hmmph…thats actually the first time I’ve admitted that to myself. Its not a completely new slate, more another iteration of the same story. Large parts of the story are the same, but the millieu I’m now using is so different that none of the current 14,000 words will make it. So…time for a count reset.


On a more positive note I’m VERY excited about the alternative version of the story I’m now telling. I’m really determined to get some serious wordage wracked up this weekend and will post a few extracts when I can, for anyone curious.