Just Start

I bumbled into a simple but useful idea a few days ago. These are often the best kind. Its unfortunate that you can’t go looking for them, they just appear at opportune moments. This one was on a podcast I think. Not sure which one.

Just start. Yep, pretty simple although it might need some explanation. Whenever you have one of those things that you are putting off, or are scared or worried about, or its just a plain chore, or even something you really want to do that has become really pressured, when it comes time to do it, just start.

Take jogging as an example. If you’re sitting in your armchair after work thinking ‘I have to run ten miles now,’ the chances are you will stay sat in your chair. But if you say to yourself, ‘I’m just going to put my trainers on and go stand in the road’ then you will probably end up standing in the road. Then you are quite likely to actualy start running as you are out there.

I’ve been applying this to writing. I’m not sitting down to write X thousand words, I’m just opening up the story and tinkering with the last few sentences I wrote. Usually I end up writing the next few, then the few after that and before I know it I’ve down an entire new paragraph.

Don’t think. Just start.

OK, so thats my self-help hint for the month. Please ignore if you object to this kind of stuff.