Please God Make Winterson Stop Talking

I don’t always like the focus within the specualtive fiction community on ‘How Others See Us’ but I feel compelled  to redistribute this peach from  Jeanette Winterson. Have you ever seen someone barge into a debate half-way through, repeat things that have already been said, refuse to listen to anybody else and then claim they won? IE – make a total arse of themselves? Well, here it is in action (I was tempted to call this post ‘Winterarse’ but then thought better of it.)

JW on why her new book is not science fiction… 

‘I hate science fiction. But good writers about science, such as Jim Crace and Margaret Atwood, are great. They take on science because it’s crucial to our world, and they use language to give energy to ideas. Others just
borrow from science and it ends up like the emperor’s new clothes, with no understanding of the material. But you shouldn’t fake it because science is too important, it’s the basis for our lives. I expect a lot more science in fiction because science is so rich.’ (New Scientist, 25 th August)

Re-iterating the plot of her new book… 

‘Billie Crusoe flees an authoritarian society in the company of a highly evolved robot of the species Robo sapiens, to join the perilous voyage to a new Blue Planet, a pristine place of apparently infinite possibilities. […] Another part of the book is set in Wreck City, a no-go zone peopled by outcasts and casualties post 3-War, a conflict which has ravaged the world.’ Winterson explains: ‘This part of the book is far from fantasy […] Everything in that part of the book has been written about scientifically already, it’s very near.’

And rvealing the plot of her next book…

‘It’s called _Robot Love_ and it’s for kids. A girl builds a multi-gendered robot, which then kills her parents because it sees them mistreat her, so they both go on the run. I’m fascinated be artificial intelligence and where it will lead. These robots couldn’t build anything as bad as us — so why would they keep us?’

What SF author could have imagined such novel concepts?