I Have Discovered Mythopoeia!

Although I’m not entirely sure I know how to pronounce it. I’ll have to find out before I start flashing it around in public.


I was shocked to discover an indigenous population inhabiting my newly discovered conceptual landscape. I thought it was all mine, but apparently a whole host of amazing writers, including many of most favourite, had made it there before me. Upon consideration I decided this was a good thing, the sign of the promised land is that all the people you like are there.

I think mythopoeia is the ideal I am struggling to achieve in writing. Almost everything I have ever written has been in someway related to myth, either born from, commentary on or trying to become. ‘Mythopoeic thought’, the pre-rational dreamtime that the ancient myths sprang from, is much what I think a reader experiences when they ‘escape’ into a really great book.

I’m gathering material under the title ‘Urban Mythos’ at the moment, a kind of alternative ‘Just So’ stories for the urban world. I’ve lived in urban environments of one kind or another for my entire life, and the longer I do so the more I realise they just don’t have any sense. I’m fascinated by the ways people mytholigise urban environments to try and make sense of their chaos, from cyberpunk writers like Bill Gibson, to urban sports like skateboarding and parcor that literaly transform the physical environment. I think theres a story in this stuff somewhere, if I can just dig it out.