LeGuin vs. Winterson

Ursula K LeGuin has reviewed the new novel from Jeanette Winterson ‘The Stone Gods’, a novel which as previously recounted here on The Fiction Front is according to its author absolutely not science fiction, despite containing space ships and aliens. LeGuin identifies Wintersons folly exactly when she says:

‘I am bothered, though, by the curious ingratitude of authors who exploit a common fund of imagery while pretending to have nothing to do with the fellow-authors who created it and left it open to all who want to use it.’

The barbarous part of my psyche was hoping to see LeGuin tear Winterson apart, like a champion battling to defend the honor of the tribe, but LeGuin actually delivers an excellent and well balanced review that even Winterson must be greatful for. If had come down to fisticuffs however my money would be LeGuin every time.