Why can’t the BBC grow up about fantasy?

Grit your teeth. Now pull your lips back into the widest grin you can manage, tense your entire body and, starting in your chest and moving through your throat up into your nasal cavity, generate a high-pitched “squeeeeeeeeeee” while waving you hands frantically on either side of your face, Broadway-style. There, you’ve just had aContinue reading “Why can’t the BBC grow up about fantasy?”

Michael Moorcock SFWA Grand Master 2008

I’ve seen over at the Asimov’s forum that Michael Moorcock is to be made a Gand Master by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. This makes him the third British Grand Master after Arthur C Clarke and Brian Aldiss. Last years Grand Master nominations of James Gunn caused some controversy as in relation toContinue reading “Michael Moorcock SFWA Grand Master 2008”

Story in Drabblecast

I just got word from Norm Sherman over at the Drabblecast that they want to feature my story ‘Circe’s’ in an upcoming episode, which is great news! I started listening to the Drabblecast a few months back and love it. Norm is a great reader and the stories are always both humorous and meaningful. I’mContinue reading “Story in Drabblecast”

The Black Bull: Extract One

Two children played in a farmer’s field, the manner of games a girl and a boy are want to play when no grown-up eye is watching. The grey and leaden sky grew darker still as the sun dimmed, and the girl became scared. ‘My mother will beat me if I am late.’ The boy hadContinue reading “The Black Bull: Extract One”

Clarion San Diego

I made my application to Clarion San Diego yesterday evening. Instructors include Kelly Link, Geoff Ryman and yes that is a picture of Neil Gaiman and yes he is one of the instructors. Clarion is basically Top Gun for science fiction and fantasy writers. Its been running since 1968 and in forty years its alumniContinue reading “Clarion San Diego”

Tor E-Book Giveaway

Tor are giving away an e-book a week to anyone who subscribes via e-mail on their website. This weeks book is Mistborn by Brandon Sandersen. Bot really my thing but at least I read the first few chapters, which I doubt I would of done without having it fall into my inbox. One big frustrationContinue reading “Tor E-Book Giveaway”

The Secret History of Moscow

The Secret History of Moscow, the new novel from Ekaterina Sedia is garnering widespread acclaim from readers of contemporary fantasy, and comparisons to some of the genre’s most respected writers, including Neil Gaiman and Charles de Lint. It also marks Sedia out as one of a number of women writers pushing the boundaries of fantasyContinue reading “The Secret History of Moscow”

Rewriting and Editing

Writing isn’t writing. Writing is editing. I’ve been struck by the importance of rewriting, or editing, over the last few days. Yesterday I rewrote an article I was working on to editorial direction, and today I made it half way through the 4th draft of ‘The Great Western Pile’. (To those people who bravely volunteeredContinue reading “Rewriting and Editing”