Why can’t the BBC grow up about fantasy?

Grit your teeth. Now pull your lips back into the widest grin you can manage, tense your entire body and, starting in your chest and moving through your throat up into your nasal cavity, generate a high-pitched “squeeeeeeeeeee” while waving you hands frantically on either side of your face, Broadway-style. There, you’ve just had a fangasm.

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Michael Moorcock SFWA Grand Master 2008

I’ve seen over at the Asimov’s forum that Michael Moorcock is to be made a Gand Master by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. This makes him the third British Grand Master after Arthur C Clarke and Brian Aldiss.

Last years Grand Master nominations of James Gunn caused some controversy as in relation to the full list of Grand Masters his name seemed a little incongruous, being little known even to most SF readers. Personally I’m glad to see a return to honoring the writers who have really become legendary within the genre.