Kicking the Video Game Habit

The other day my self discipline failed, and after weeks of craving I bought a video game. Addictions are never broken; they are only tamed. Eventually they will escape the leash and savage a passing pedestrian. For weeks I’ve been browsing the game shops, debating the for and against of giving in to temptation. ThisContinue reading “Kicking the Video Game Habit”

Unreal Reality

I’m working on a piece about my Top 5 ‘secondary realities’ this week. Imaginary cities, invented worlds,  inspired gallactic vistas…from  Tolkien’s Middle Earth to  Asimov’s Foundation Universe, what are the most fascinating unreal realities and why? I have some idea what my top five are (I’m not giving them away just yet) but I wantContinue reading “Unreal Reality”

The Dark Elves Have It

Between pieces for the Guardian, reviews for the The Fix and various bits and pieces for the upcoming Clarion workshop I’ve had barely any time to do anything here on the ranch except occaisional posts linking out elsewhere. So today I’m going to update on writing progress which I’ve been pretty silent on recently. ThisContinue reading “The Dark Elves Have It”

Boring old sci-fi

OK, I admit it, sci-fi is boring. After endless Star Trek re-runs, innumerable badly scripted Hollywood movies and a thousand video games with pixel-deep narrative, the once wondrous ideas of sci-fi have become yawn-inducing. Fortunately for me, beyond the world of tedious mass media sci-fi, lies the exciting world of literary science fiction or “SF”Continue reading “Boring old sci-fi”