What do you want?

And who are you? Yesterday the Clarion group sat in a semi-circle around Neil Gaiman and listened to him talk about story. The light was shining so brightly everone was glowing. I have photos, I may share them. Neil talked about want, specificaly what characters want and using knowledge of that to make a storyContinue reading “What do you want?”

I am a God of Subjective Reality…

…and I like David Brin! The Clarion group just received a splendid theatrical performance from the Hugo award winning author. Two key pieces of advice: 1. Control your ego! 2. Enjoy your success. 3. Writing is magic. (Because of the subjective reality thing) Both delivered in circuitous but fascinating fashion alongside a general theme ofContinue reading “I am a God of Subjective Reality…”

Momentum in Serendipity magazine

My short story ‘Momentum’ is in this months issue of Serendipity, the magazine of magical realism. This is a re-print from Electric Velocipede #13, so if you don’t have a subscription to that fabulous ‘zine (and you really should) then here is a second chance at the story. There are also tales from Rhys Hughes,Continue reading “Momentum in Serendipity magazine”

Kelly’s Crows

Today I finished two weeks at Clarion. It feels like much longer. There is a consensus that one week of Clarion world time is about three weeks of real world time (or should that be the other way around?). One of my fellow clarionites has observed that we are living in strange environment. The weatherContinue reading “Kelly’s Crows”

Clarion, or a six week course in sleep deprivation.

So, I’m now settled into the routine at Clarion, which goes a little something like this – get up, eat breakfast, 3 -4 hours group critique of stories submitted the day before. Have lunch. Afternoon lecture, followed by tech session / other essential life maintenance chores, write, dinner, read stories for next morning, write critiqueContinue reading “Clarion, or a six week course in sleep deprivation.”