NaNoWriMo 2008

After much prevaricating I’ve arived on the eve of NaNoWriMo 2008 undecided about whether to take part or not. I made it to 24,000 words in 2006, then skipped 2007. But should I throw myself off the cliff and try again in 2008? There are many arguments for and against but after much consideration I’ve decided that…

…screw it…I’m in!

I will be working on The New Age, an epic of chaos magic in an alternative Britain shaped by a magical revolution in the Elizabethan age. Extracts to come…maybe.


20,000th Anniversary

Congratulations reader number 20,000! Tonight you, whoever you are, have pushed this little blog past the 20,000 hit mark. Not much in the grand scheme of things, and probably less than a nanoseconds worth of Google traffic, but a giant leap (made in very small hops) for this little blog. Thank you all who have contributed!

To celebrate, a few random blog related statistics:

Busiest Month Ever: August 2008 with 1,412 hits (Likely cause the post Clarion rush)

Top Post: Matter – Iain M Banks with 511 hits

Top Search: Damien Walter (probably aided by the highly athletic Damien Walters)

Oddest Search: land of the giants fanfic

Total Number of Posts: 290

Busiest Day Ever: Monday 28th Jaunary 2008 with 205 hits.

Thank you!

Murky Contents

The citents of Murky Depth #6 have been confirmed. Look out for this in December, featuring my story Horizon.

Issue #6 cover art: Jason Beam
The Last Marriane Alan Frackleton [Art: James Fletcher]
All I Want For Christmas Christian Carter-Stephenson [Mark Chilcott]
Are You Lonesome Tonight Alan James Roll [Nancy Farmer]
Between Hanson and Hendrix Brian Ross [Candra Hope]
Alms For Oblivion Christopher Morris [Jackson Gebien]
Horizon Damien G. Walter [Ian Jones]
Xmas Love Story Lavie Tidhar [Thomas Tuke]
The Third Time David J Howe [Brian Troll]
Best In Class Jonathan Gillespie [Paul Drummond]
Hellhound Luke Cooper [Luke Cooper]
Ghoul Is My Copilot Julio Alegria [Mark Bell]
The Head Of Saint Mark Sophy Adani [Ed Norden]
The Factory James Johnson [Toma Pakalnyte]
Interview with Jason Beam

Community is King

OK, so the stand out line from the Cory Doctorow interview I am currently transcribing is that ‘If content isn’t king, then community is’.

Doctorow is a writer at the heart of a community of technologists, sci-fi fans, passionate readers and probably many other vectors. Its a community cross-section he shares with a writer like Charlie Stross. But the community a writer gathers around themself is like a unique identifier, a literary fingerprint that shares elements with many others, but can and will never be perfectly replicated.

Writers craft the ideas that communities conglomerate around. In the paleolithic that meant telling the stories that gave a small tribe some sense of self in the wilderess that surrounded them. In the internet age it means being part of many, globally distributed communities. but the job is still fundamentaly the same – tell stories that show us who we are.

A Little Space Between Things

I’ve take a little break from writing over the last few weeks. Not a break in writing itself, as I have still done a bit, but a break from making myself write. To paraphrase David Mamet, a writers life is 10% achievement and 90% guilt, but for the last few weeks I’ve taken my foot off the guilt pedal and have just been focussing on daily, mundane life things.

Despite this I have done a teeny bit of fiction writing and quite a lot of thinking. After Clarion I threw myself into a fourth attempt at ‘Unmade Man’, a cyberpunk short story I have been toying with for ages. I made a lot of progress with the first half of the story, but the second half is still a mess. In the words of Jim Kelly, I need to murder my darlings and get rid of the germinal idea from which the story sprang. It just doesn’t fit any more. Continue reading A Little Space Between Things