The Great NaNo Rout of 2008

I’ve been trying to find the right word for what NaNoWriMo did to me this year. Defeat sprang to mind, as did disaster. Beaten and thrashed were definite contendors. But rout, with its combination of loss and resignation rolled into one, seemed the most appropriate. Yes, I know, there are still almost 3 hours left. And yes, I know I could just bang out 43,500 words or some such to cross the line…

In all honesty, I set out on NaNoWriMo this year without the faintest intention of crossing the 50k barrier, or coming anywhere close. Instead I have been pulling together a group of ideas I’ve been playing with for some time now, and that I did more work on at Clarion. NaNo this year gave me the impetus for about 8,000 words developing one aspect of these ideas further. So despite my NaNo failure, there is definite writing progress happening! Fragmentary and halting progress without doubt, but progress none the less.

I’m going to do a proper update on the writing front in the not too distant future.