Sandman, Angst and Change

I just stumbled into an excellent critique of Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’, here at Grand Hotel Abyss. My soft spot for teh Sandman stories is pretty well catalogued, but I found a whole bundle of insights i this essay that I now thinking through with fascination.

What makes it a superb work of literature is the fact that the ethical quandary expresses itself at the formal level, for generically Sandman is a taut Shakespearean tragedy attenuated within a cantering, leisurely magic-realist novel, as if Macbeth were pieced out like breadcrumbs through a Rushdie tale.

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Clarion 2009 Instructors Announced

The Clarion Foundation have announced the writers teaching the 2009 science fiction and fantasy writers workshop at UC San Diego. Its quite a line-up with Holly Black, Robert Crais, Kim Stanley Robinson, Elizabeth Hand, Larissa Lai and Paul Park. Applications are open from 2nd January – 1st March. Good luck to any aspiring 2009 Clarionites reading this. I’m already jealous! If Clarion is for you then go for it! (Just beware Canyon Vista).