Steampunk: the future of the past

Forget spaceships and laser guns – steampunk says it’s the Industrial Revolution that shows us what we’ve got to look forward to. Dress code: polished brass. While fans of speculative fiction are not known for their adherence to high fashion, the genre produces no end of trends to follow. In recent years paranormal romance hasContinue reading “Steampunk: the future of the past”

TOC Year’s Best SF 26

Gardner Dozois has announced the table of contents for The Year’s Best Science Fiction, twenty sixth annual collection over at the Asimov’s forum. As IO9 observes, there are a very large number of original anthologies represented in the TOC. Are the digests dead? Did they fall or where they pushed? Interzone, Postscripts and Solaris holdContinue reading “TOC Year’s Best SF 26”