Pedants’ cumupence

Stephen Fry delivers a long deserved slap down to pedants everywhere in the latest episode of his podcast series. My favourite moment is when Fry compares pedantry to sins like sloth and gluttony; a natural human response but one to be roundly discouraged. Also listen out for Fry’s cal for a new term for CCTV. I’ll be very surprised if we aren’t all calling it the SS (Security System) in a mater months. So much more appropriate.


The next generation of sci-fi writers

There’s a wealth of talent out there – so who will be the SF and fantasy authors of tomorrow?

The Guardian’s recent quest to catalogue the 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read scoured the vast galaxy of tales told under the banner of “science fiction and fantasy”, and boiled them down to a few dozen of the many invented worlds the genre has to offer. From the fey fantasy of Susanna Clarke to the hard-boiled cyberpunk of William Gibson, from pulp adventure to high literature, the list provides enough great reading to keep most of us happy for half a lifetime at least.

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