Far Eastern tales of whimsy and malice

I’ve been avidly reading (and listening) to Eugie Foster’s perfectly formed fairy tales in short story form since I started reviewing for The Fix (which Eugie edits). They have appeared in some of my favourite venues including the Drabblecast and Realms of Fantasy (sadly no longer with us). Now they have been collected together in Returning My Sister’s Face: and other far eastern tales of whimsy and malice. Should anyone feel like buying me a present, this comes high on the list. If you don’t like me enough to do that, then go and buy yourself a copy as quick as you can. I know one of my fellow Clarion grads in particular who will appreciate Eugie Foster’s writing (you know who you are).


Watchmen rocks!

So…I’ve seen it. My considered conclusion…f@$king brilliant!!

My favourite film reviewer, the good Dr himself, Mark Kermode, absolutely panned it in his review on Friday. I think he must be getting a bit long in the tooth because he completely missed the point. Yes its stupid and flippant when it shouldn’t be. Yes the acting is quite appalling in places. But fundamentally this is a faithful adaptation of Alan Moore’s writing and Dave Gibbon’s vision and the outcome is as totally nasty, insane, grusome, violent, inspiring, shocking and hilarious as the comic.

I was a cynical as anyone going in, given that Zack Snyder’s attempt at making a film out of 300 had been gut wrenchingly awful. But then so was the orginal graphic novel (Frank Miller…single most overated comic writer / artsit of all time) and with Watchmen, Snyder demonstrates he is a fanboy director who is only as capable as his source material.

I think its a shame Alan Moore took his name off the film. Whilst it lacks much of the complexity and subtlety of the film, it does honour to it. I hope he changes his mind and watches Watchmen!

Best line:

“But…I thought you liked life now?”

“Yes. I think I will make some.”

Hooray!! I’ve waited years to hear Dr Manhattan speak, and tonight he finally did.