In and Out

On my last trip to San Francisco I discovered In’n’Out burgers. If you don’t live in California, In’n’Out might need some explanation. Imagine the greasiest possible burger, accompanied with the worlds most artificial cheese, wrapped in a bun that almost resembles bread and chips that no one believes are even related to a potato. AndContinue reading “In and Out”

A Hell of a Ride

I’m sitting in The Art Organisation in Leicester, drinking tea and writing my first real blog post for some time (rather than just linking to things I’m doing elsewhere). The rain is coming down (this is Britain after all) and the troupe of jugglers and hula hooppers who have been performing outside have just runContinue reading “A Hell of a Ride”

World Fantasy, Shortfuse and the Hockley Hustle

I’m reading at the lovely Shortfuse event on 20th October. It’s their halloween special so I’m reprising my short story Cthul-You for the occaision. And I’m taking part with a sci-fi themed panel discussion as part of the Hockley Hustle in Nottingham, alongside Mark Charan Newton. And after that I will be at the WorldContinue reading “World Fantasy, Shortfuse and the Hockley Hustle”

SOZD Progress Report

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in Support Our ‘Zines Day! I’ve been wonderfuly surprised by how many people have taken the time to get involved. Here are a selection of just a few of the good people who have shown their support: M-Brane SF say 10/1 is SOZD Electric Velocipede remind usContinue reading “SOZD Progress Report”

Have a Joyous SOZD

After much excitement 1st October has arrived and the first annual Support Our ‘Zines Day is underway! You can get more information on Support Our ‘Zines Day here: So, what can you do to help support our ‘zines? Here are three simple suggestions for ways to support the ‘zines you love to read: ListContinue reading “Have a Joyous SOZD”