Lost in a World of Words

I’m tired, in that good way you get from doing loads of things you really like doing. A full day of work on the writer’s conference, followed by the first Science Fiction and Politics workshop, followed by a couple more hours of graphic design work. Phew! The only problem with being this busy is thatContinue reading “Lost in a World of Words”

So, like, where’d all the politics go?

Tomorrow I lead the first of three workshops in Science Fiction and Politics. (The organisers have sold 14 out of 12 tickets, which I take as a good sign.) I’ve had good fun selecting books to talk about, and looking through the sometimes odd political perspectives SF writers have taken over the years. I’ve alsoContinue reading “So, like, where’d all the politics go?”

A long walk back in time

Sometimes, when I’m thinking about a story, I like to go for a good long walk. Fresh air and endorphines work wonders for the imagination. Yesterday evening I was struck with an idea for a World War 2 inspired story with Weird themes. I fell asleep on the sofa making character notes, then when IContinue reading “A long walk back in time”

Reading at Short Fuse – True Romance

I will be reading at Short Fuse again on 16th February. This is my 3rd time reading at the event and I’m glad to be invited back. The night is themed around True Romance, and I will be reading a new short story ‘At the heart of the maze i will find’. More details below:Continue reading “Reading at Short Fuse – True Romance”

Science Fiction and Politics

I’ve always been fascinated by the way Science Fiction comments on political and social issues. So I am truly excited to have the opportunity to lead a series of workshops on the subject. The Science Fiction and Politics workshops will take place at the new Nottingham Contemporary gallery, starting at 5:30pm on 23rd February, 9thContinue reading “Science Fiction and Politics”

Use The Force Damo

You remember the climactic scene in Star Wars right, where Luke is on the trench run to destroy the Death Star, and instead of relying on his tracking computer uses the Force to hit his target? Well…that’s me and writing at the moment. Kind of. For writers, the tracking computer is your mind. It wantsContinue reading “Use The Force Damo”