Where can I get more Chinese spec.fic?

Prompted by the news that leading Chinese authors of science fiction are demanding new leadership for Science Fiction World, the countries biggest publication, I went looking for stories by Chinese SF authors. (Will this rebellion, I wonder, incite similar Coup d’Etat in Western SF publications?) (Unlikely, as Western editors are not government appointed.Imagine if theyContinue reading “Where can I get more Chinese spec.fic?”

This week I have mostly been..

…working on the first draft of a new story now titled ‘To Rule the Sky’. (The title only emerged late last night, towards the end of the draft. I take it as a good sign when the title emerges from the writing.) During the writing I’ve been thinking of it as a literary adventure fantasy.Continue reading “This week I have mostly been..”

The Hate Barrier at the End of the Universe

You can’t be all things to all people. A strength in one area becomes, almost by default, a weakness in another. So it is with stories. The great guru of story, Robert McKee, talks about the story triangle. The relationship between plot, character and idea which means that the more you have of any twoContinue reading “The Hate Barrier at the End of the Universe”

In the Evening

I have been for some time now been collecting translations of the poem ‘Im Abendrot’ by Joseph von Eichendorff. I discovered the poem through the Four Songs of Richard Strauss (of which it is the basis for the last and greatest) and it has been a constant source of inspiration for my growing interest inContinue reading “In the Evening”

Independent and happy that way

Today was spent at States of Independence, a gathering of independent publishers organised by Five Leaves press and De Montfort University. Great to see so many independent publishers under one roof, and I had a great day talking with many old friends. It was also good to see both speculative fiction and comics represented byContinue reading “Independent and happy that way”

Poetry is perfect for social media

Carol Ann Duffy’s ode to David Beckham is a perfect illustration of why poetry is experiencing a tremendous revival in the age of Twitter and social networks. Achilles (for David Beckham) Myth’s river- where his mother dipped him, fished him, a slippery golden boyflowed on, his name on its lips. Without him, it was prophesised,Continue reading “Poetry is perfect for social media”

Have we made writing too easy?

A good friend drew my attention to the disappearing act of calligraphy this week, and the beautiful work of master calligrapher Paul Antonio captured by The Guardian. Coincidentally, I am part way through reading The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Mushashi, a martial text from circa 17th Century Japan, an era and a cultureContinue reading “Have we made writing too easy?”

What do you think about the BSFA awards shortlist?

So no sooner does one event sail under the bridge (yesterday’s Writing Industries Conference went swimmingly, more details tomorrow perhaps) than another comes bobbing along on the white water rapids of life. I will be at the next meeting of the British Science Fiction Association on Wednesday 24th March, and will be discussing the shortlistContinue reading “What do you think about the BSFA awards shortlist?”

Being Good and Being Great

I tend to become a night-owl in the run up to exciting events. We are x-minus 4 days to the Writing Industries Conference. A few i’s need dotting but (touchwood) everything is going to plan, and we are very close to sold out. But none the less it’s 1:26am and I am very far fromContinue reading “Being Good and Being Great”