End-of-the-world literature

I’m on the Guardian book podcast again this week, discussing literature of the apocalypse as the Angry Volcano God put us all in that frame of mind. At the end I call Kraken ‘H.P.Lovecraft via J.G.Ballard’. Not sure if that will make it into the final review, but it certainly has a ring to it!Continue reading “End-of-the-world literature”

Is fantasy just entertainment?

Just because fantasy is everywhere doesn’t mean it has to appeal to the lowest common denominator. We must keep sight of its roots in ancient storytelling and its power to transform. There are few things people love more then a well-told tale. We’ve been gathering around the fire (or that 20th-century equivalent, the television set)Continue reading “Is fantasy just entertainment?”

What have I kreeated!!

Three hours of writing in the library this evening (praise good for university libraries open until 2 am!) and I have found the ending of a new story! Kree Ah Tor has been sitting on my desktop, slowly accruing words for some months. The main sticking point has been the end. I started the storyContinue reading “What have I kreeated!!”

My Lovesick Zombie Boy Band

First published in Electric Velocipede #22/23. Podcast in Dark Fiction magazine. My Lovesick Zombie Boy Band by Damien G. Walter I am excavating an eight pointed star onto the pages of my text book when I catch the boy looking at me. I keep the pen moving, the shiny blue ink bubbling and frothing, soakingContinue reading “My Lovesick Zombie Boy Band”


First published in Electric Velocipede #13. Reprinted in Serendipity : Magical Realism and Arts & Things. Podcast in StarShipSofa #173. Momentum by Damien G. Walter When great uncle Peter came to live with our family in the house by the sea I asked my mother why it was he never spoke. My mother explained thatContinue reading “Momentum”