War. What is it good for?

War. What is it good for? No, seriously, what? If you, like I, responded “absolutely nothing”, then it is likely that you will react to the existence of Baen books with kindly bemusement. Baen is the world’s leading publisher of military science fiction, with a stable of authors who regularly top the New York TimesContinue reading “War. What is it good for?”

Why SF is not genre

Originally written in response to the SF Signal Mind-meld question: What non-genre books have influenced you in some way? I’m fascinated to see this issue discussed at the moment. If I was to place one major criticism at the door of Speculative Fiction, it would be the way it continues to segregate itself from theContinue reading “Why SF is not genre”

New women’s worlds in fantasy fiction

Continuing the slow progress of archiving my pieces from The Guardian. It’s interesting to think that three years on from this piece, women writers now seem (to me at least) stronger than ever in all the genres of speculative fiction. I hope it’s a trend that continues. It’s also interesting for me to see howContinue reading “New women’s worlds in fantasy fiction”