WaPo on the politics of Dave Eggers

I glimpsed Dave Eggers once, very briefly, as he flew out the door of the 826 Valencia project in San Francisco. I was there learning about what it takes to build a world class literacy focused NGO from the ground up.  He was just dropping in to the project he had helped found. He was impressivelyContinue reading “WaPo on the politics of Dave Eggers”

Use Fiction Techniques to Write a Great Journal Article

It’s really hard to overstate how much I agree with this post on using fiction techniques in journalism. Short form and blogging may not leave much scope for storytelling, but once you get up in to long form and feature writing, narrative techniques become essential. Facts nad information won’t hold a reader for thousands ofContinue reading “Use Fiction Techniques to Write a Great Journal Article”

Genre needs a lot more cruel and nasty reviews

I’ve reviewed my fair share of sci-fi genre novels. I started right here on this blog…eek!..about 8 years ago. Not long after that I began doing reviews for The Fix. I began blogging and reviewing for The Guardian waaaaay back in the historic mists of 2008. And I’ve contributed book reviews here and there toContinue reading “Genre needs a lot more cruel and nasty reviews”