‘Weird things customers say in bookshops’ by Jen Campbell

I really want to read this book now.

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Weird things customers say in bookstores

Hello Everyone! It’s certainly been a while, and frankly there are no excuses. I do get the emails reminding me to post each week (which I set up myself!), but whenever I think ‘Oh thats what I need to do tonight’, it slips my mind again. Bad bad bad.

Now, I’ve been back to work a while now since coming home from Australia, and have found a lot of funny and cute books that I just really need to share with everyone.

This beauty here is called ‘Weird things customers say in bookshops’ by Jen Campbell. This was staring at me from the recently returned shelves at work and I couldn’t just let it sit there without having a flick through it first. And…wow.

Though I don’t work in a bookshop, this still completely applies to me at the Library. The things people come up with can either have you…

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