Never, ever define yourself as a “content creator”. Be an artist. Be a writer. Be a musician. Be whatever. Heck, be a bum if you have to be. But never under any circumstances devalue what you create as “content”. Here’s why. Spartz calls himself an aggregator, but he is more like a day trader, investingContinue reading “YOU ARE NOT A CONTENT CREATOR. YOU DO NOT CREATE CONTENT.”

The three books EVERY author must read

OK. So some people get really angry when i say this kind of thing. Anger of the “WRITING IS A PURE ART AND MY CREATIVE FREEDOM MEANS I MUST OBEY NO RULES RAAAH MOTHERFUUCKKER!” and my response is always “no problem you just carry on freely failing”. I understand the fear. There are a bazillion peopleContinue reading “The three books EVERY author must read”

Let The Strangeness In : Monica Byrne and Rudy Rucker on the transreal revolution

Earlier in 2014 I declared that “transrealism” was the first major literary movement of the 21st century in my regular column for The Guardian. The piece got quite a response, from defensive sci-fi fans bellowing IT’S ALL SCIENCE FICTION, to interested literary readers recognising transrealism as something they had enjoyed for a long time without puttingContinue reading “Let The Strangeness In : Monica Byrne and Rudy Rucker on the transreal revolution”

Why Scrivener is every indie author’s very best friend

Two words – dynamic text. We’ll get back to what that means. Planning for the publication of his debut novel, Two Crows, with my friend David Dakan Allison, one question came up again and again. How do we make the ebook? The answer, of course, is Scrivener by an app makers Literature & Latte that,Continue reading “Why Scrivener is every indie author’s very best friend”

Tolkien’s myths are a political fantasy

It’s a double-edged magical sword, being a fan of JRR Tolkien. On one hand we’ve had the joy of watching Lord of the Rings go from cult success to, arguably, the most successful and influential story of the last century. And we get to laugh in the face of critics who claimed LotR would neverContinue reading “Tolkien’s myths are a political fantasy”

Indie authors! Is your editor wasting your money?

I only get to help two or three writers a year develop their work, but nearly all the authors I help have a tale of editing woe. And it’s nearly always the same tale. They sent their book to a freelance fiction editor, but what they got back were basic spelling and grammar corrections thatContinue reading “Indie authors! Is your editor wasting your money?”

Frank Herbert, legendary author of Dune, on the vital importance of story

Frank Herbert’s Dune is one of the most successful novels in history. A defining work of science fiction, Dune still outsells most new novels in the genre to this very day, almost 50 years after its publication. “What is “story”? It’s the quality that keeps the reader following the narrative.” While none of Herbert’s sequels,Continue reading “Frank Herbert, legendary author of Dune, on the vital importance of story”