Game of Thrones and Wolf Hall: fantasy and history converge

George RR Martin and Hilary Mantel’s stories come from different genres to address the same questions. The cosmetic similarities between Game of Thrones and Wolf Hall are not hard to list. Both occupy a similar period in history, soon after the fall of the Plantagenet kings (recast as the Targaryens in GoT) and the earlyContinue reading “Game of Thrones and Wolf Hall: fantasy and history converge”

But who will read Holly Lisle’s books?

Sci-fi author Holly Lisle resigns from the Science Fiction Writers of America over the *shocking* idea that the organisation might start winning funds to pay grants to writers. Because of course an additional funding stream for sci-fi writers is the Worst Imaginable Crime Ever. “Giving” grants taken from tax dollars is nothing less than theftContinue reading “But who will read Holly Lisle’s books?”

What style do you write?

Style is a little easier to observe in music than in literature. Great musicians occupy a very clear musical style. Blues. Country. Pop. Rock. Classical. Reggae. Ska. That doesn’t mean that Bob Marley never cranked out a heavy metal riff or that Slash can’t do a Reggae rhythm. But there’s something a little forced andContinue reading “What style do you write?”

Grimdark, what is it? Joe Abercrombie in discussion with Ahimsa Kerp.

Joe Abercrombie needs little introduction. He’s one of the most successful fantasy authors working today and the face of “grimdark” both for the sub-genres fans and its detractors. In this forthright interview Abercrombie attacks the concept of grimdark head on, questions fantasy fictions habit of re-writing Tolkien, and shares his thoughts on writing for youngContinue reading “Grimdark, what is it? Joe Abercrombie in discussion with Ahimsa Kerp.”