Should I charge money to review your book?

I’ve been reviewing books in a kind-of-professional context for a decade now. I say kind-of-professional because while book reviewing doesn’t pay a lot, it does usually pay a fair amount. But that payment always comes from the publication, not the publisher or writer. I’ve developed a fairly high profile as a reviewer, with a regularContinue reading “Should I charge money to review your book?”

SF & Fantasy publishing needs industry awards

UPDATE : Friday 18th March 2016. As the mess that is the Hugo awards remains unchanged a year later, I’m republishing this post to re-iterate the same message. We need a PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRY SF&F award, not a fan driven bun fight.  The controversy around this year’s Hugo awards continued to roll on through this week.Continue reading “SF & Fantasy publishing needs industry awards”

Do you actually have something to say? Then why are you talking?

Wait up. I’m not telling you to never talk. You’re a human being and have as much right to yell your opinions into the world as anyone else. But. This is an interesting post by Deliah S Dawson, a writer I know by name and nothing more. The jist of her argument, as the titleContinue reading “Do you actually have something to say? Then why are you talking?”

Storytelling vs The Human Condition

There’s an age old conflict in the writing world. High art vs. low art. Popular culture vs. Cultural elites. Bestseller status vs. Critical acclaim. What’s the difference? Why does it matter, if it does matter? At the heart of one side of that argument is the simple idea of story. When I teach, I askContinue reading “Storytelling vs The Human Condition”

The only thing you need to do to fix the Hugos

Nothing. I’ve already noted here that the motives of those people block voting on the Hugo awards have very little to do with those awards, and everything to do with pimping up the organiser’s profile in the eyes of their reactionary, right wing audience. The Hugo block vote is an act of immense selfishness. ButContinue reading “The only thing you need to do to fix the Hugos”

What do the Moribund Mammals actually want? It’s not what you think

I imagine it is a buzz being Brad Torgersen at the moment. In a short space of time he has gone from being one among thousands of vaguely successful sci-fi writers – some stories in a few magazines, an award nomination for something or other – to the notorious leader of Sad Puppies 3 :Continue reading “What do the Moribund Mammals actually want? It’s not what you think”