I answer questions on digital marketing for Leicester Writes

My old home city, the wonderful multicultural metropolis of Leicester, has a festival called Leicester Writes. Despite being far away on the Indian sub-continent I will be taking part, with a live Q&A on Twitter about indie publishing and digital marketing. Join in! *** Twitter Q & A with Damien Walter JUNE 25, 2015 /Continue reading “I answer questions on digital marketing for Leicester Writes”

A pioneering work of of “Neuro-Scifi”.

God Bless The Dead by Evan Geller A pioneering work of “neuro-scifi” and tech start-ups, where Breaking Bad meets American Gods. (This is the first in my series of paid reviews for indie writers. Find out more about book reviews and my other services for writers.) We’re accustomed to thinking of the space inside our heads asContinue reading “A pioneering work of of “Neuro-Scifi”.”

Can you read role-playing games?

You don’t have to actually play a role-playing game for it to fire your imagination, so why don’t RPG manuals count as books? I’m a lifelong fan of role-playing games, but I rarely play them. Dungeons & Dragons. Call of Cthulhu. Vampire: The Masquerade. Cyberpunk 2013. Traveller. I’ve been enchanted by the words and illustrations,Continue reading “Can you read role-playing games?”

How hard is it to go from traditional publishing…to self publishing?

Josh Powell is a successful non-fiction author making the transition to self published fantasy author. In this guest post Josh answers the question…what is it like to transition from traditional to self publishing? In a word… tough! I’m an acknowledged expert in web development; I didn’t need to shop around to find a publisher. TheContinue reading “How hard is it to go from traditional publishing…to self publishing?”

Geek Culture and why the editorial process is broken

“Geek culture is stupid and its fans are losers.” “Sci-fi novels are trash and their writers are hacks.” “Superhero movies are just about muscular blokes blowing stuff up.” “Role-Playing Games are for total nerds!” Support Geek Culture on Patreon! I don’t believe these sentiments. Well, not all of them and not completely…but they are widelyContinue reading “Geek Culture and why the editorial process is broken”