Fans! Writers! Publicists! Tell me about the best sci-fi in 2016

I write a regular column on sci-fi & fantasy books for The Guardian. About this time every year I sit down and think what the year ahead in sci-fi publishing has to offer. And right now, I’d love you to help me with that. It’s a big field, and while I do keep a burning eye in a high tower that can peer into the hearts of men, even that can’t read everything!  But collectively you folks can and do.

  • What are the books you’re looking forward to in 2016? They can be genre sci-fi (by which I mean anything even slightly fantastical), or mainstream with a sci-fi flavour. They don’t have to be published only in 2016. For instance, I’m really excited to see readers discover Last Song Before Night by Ilana C Meyer, published late this year.
  • Who are the indie published authors I should be looking out for? The field is huge, the gems are rare. Feel free to tip your own book, I will find time to look.
  • Also, I want to know about sci-fi related projects. Kickstarters for RPGs. Small press ‘zines with Patreons in need of support. Anything you think I should know about. Sci-fi is a great community, I try and support it every way I can.

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