The sci-fi books that inspired Star Wars

It’s remarkable how many science-fiction fans hate Star Wars. To those who like their SF grounded in science, Star Wars is reprehensible “skiffy” in the pejorative sense, a flight of fantasy cloaked in science-fiction’s clothes. For most under-40s, Star Wars is where their love of sci-fi began, but for those who remember the genre’s golden age, George Lucas’ blockbuster creation isn’t quite so original.

Edward Elmer Smith, best known as EE “Doc” Smith, was one of the early bestsellers of the pulp science-fiction era. Today it’s easy to take the familiar trappings of sci-fi – space rockets, ray guns, alien empires and more – for granted. But authors such as Smith, Leigh Brackett and Hal Clement, writing serialised fiction for Amazing Stories and other magazines, in large part created the iconography of sci-fi.

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