This is how you make a Fantastic Four reboot great

You cast the characters from Big Bang Theory in the lead roles.

There have been three terrible film adaptations of the Fantastic Four, one so awful it was never even released. The two big studio adaptations both suck for the same reasons – they take a fun, very kitsch, self-referential comic like FF4 and take it WAY TOO DAMN SERIOUSLY. What FF4 needs is HUMOUR.

Do I really have to explain the casting? Sigh, ok.

SHELDON – as Reed Richards, natural casting choice.

PENNY – as a sarcastic Sue Storm.

RAJ – Human Torch

LEONARD – The Thing. Yes, he keeps the glasses.

If that doesn’t get your butt on a seat for a FF4 re-boot, nothing ever will.

Oh, all right then. HOWARD as Doctor Doom.