All stories are fractal. Here’s why.

The best storytelling has a unique quality. Wherever your enter the story from, if you switch on the tv and start watching 20 minutes in, or catch a single scene in isolation, or (heresy!) skip to the end and read the final pages, the story engages your interest. Even if you don’t understand the wholeContinue reading “All stories are fractal. Here’s why.”

Emotion Tone. The thermonuclear weaponry in the writer’s arsenal.

You’re sitting in bed on a Saturday morning with your nose in a novel, or maybe in row F of the cinema with a movie on the screen, or you’re just having a quiet night in with Netflix, and your nose is bubbly with snot, tears streaming down your face, laughter bursting from your lips.Continue reading “Emotion Tone. The thermonuclear weaponry in the writer’s arsenal.”

Let’s be honest, the novel is dead.

Writers can be a hugely insightful bunch. A good novelist can tell you what’s going on inside the head of another human being at fifty yards. But when it comes to seeing the blindspots in our own self-awareness, novelists suck. Today, The Bookseller published a little summary of a radio interview with Robert Harris, whoContinue reading “Let’s be honest, the novel is dead.”

In defence of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Over on G+, in response to my thoughts on liberal dystopias, Jason Baryla mounts a sterling defence of the widely maligned Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. # “Maybe it’s because of how much Donald Trump resembles Baron Vladimir Harkkonen” Sorry if this is off-topic, but I cannot agree with this statement. The Baron was a hedonist withContinue reading “In defence of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen”

Liberals have to do better than Brave New World

The future that liberals want only looks great for the Alphas who can buy a place in the techno-corporate hierarchy. Maybe it’s because of how much Donald Trump resembles Baron Vladimir Harkkonen. It’s hard to have a conversation about the weird landscape of politics today, without referencing at least one scifi dystopia. “a much moreContinue reading “Liberals have to do better than Brave New World”