Answer The Question – guidelines for guest posts

Because I have been receiving a growing number of requests to guest post here on I’ve decided to go ahead and put some guidelines together.

Answer The Question
Is there a question that only you have the answer to? Or that you can answer in a way no one else can? Maybe you are a specialist blogger on garbage disposal who can answer the question – how do I get my trash to stop stinking? Maybe you have a fantasy novel coming out and can answer the question  – why do evil overlords always put all their power in magical artefacts? Or maybe you are just a curious soul who thinks they can explain who birds suddenly appear every time you are near. Whatever your question is, answering it is the key to this blog.

The extra catch is that you only have 400 words and 1 picture to answer the question. Yes, the picture may be a hand-drawn diagram including words.  IF you can make a compelling argument that your question needs more wordage to answer, I will grant an extra 200, for a maximum count of 600 words.

To propose your guest post send an email titled


and a brief explanation of your answer to:


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