Editing, Digital Marketing and Book Reviews

I provide editorial, digital marketing and book review services to indie writers and major publishers. Email me to query about any of these: damiengwalter@gmail.com

Editorial Services

As an editor I help you tell the best possible story. I employ a three part editorial process with a particular focus on developing dramatic structure. I specialise in sci-fi, fantasy and horror, and in strong commercial storytelling. I work only with a small number clients on an individual basis. If you would like to discuss the possibility of working together, please email me with details of your work.

Development Reads – I offer a small number of development reads for completed manuscripts. I read your book in full and in return you get my honest, constructive advice on how best to improve it. If you need to find a basic writing class I will tell you that. If you need to find an agent I will tell you that too as part of a full written development report. I do charge for each read and the available slots are strictly limited.

I currently have 3 development reads available, fee starts from £175 per read including a full development report. UPDATE 22nd June 2015: 3 left!


Digital Marketing

I help indie writers and major publishers sell their work in the digital world.  Blogs, social media and digital publishing are powerful tools for writers but only if you know how to get heard over the noise. I advocate a positive, open approach to digital marketing based in values of community and authenticity. I won’t help you get 1 million fake twitter followers, but I will help you find the 1000 true fans who grok what you create.

This is a 1-2-1 coaching process, and I take on a very limited number of clients at any time. Please email for more information.


Open Call for Reviews

I review books for a number of publications including The Guardian and SFX magazine. I am always happy to read new books, both mainstream and self-published. Please send your book in an easily readable digital format only – EPUB or MOBI preferred. I can’t guarantee a published review, but I do try to look at as many new books as I can.

Paid Reviews – I offer a small number of paid review opportunities. Your book will receive a full published review on my personal blog. The paid review process is selective and numbers are limited. Reviews start at £125. Email for more information. UPDATE 22nd June 2015 – 3 reviews left!


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