‘My Love Sick Zombie Boy Band’ in Electric Velocipede #22
I am excavating an eight pointed star onto the pages of my text book when I catch the boy looking at me. I keep the pen moving, the shiny blue ink bubbling and frothing, soaking the pink paper. At the centre of the doodle I draw a lidless eye. It gazes up at me unblinking, forever caught in devotion and desire. The boy is looking at me like he owns me. Boys are so dumb. Don’t they get that beauty is a trap you fall in to by looking?

Forthcoming  in Electric Velocipede 21/22

‘Circes’ on The Drabblecast
(First published in Serendipity Magazine)
Feliks Duda has eight weeks left in country on the morning the letter from the Home Office arrives. He fishes the ugly manila envelope from its hiding place amongst the glossy junk mail. 0% interest loans and 12 inch pizza offers accumulate around the door like drifts of snow. They have miss spelt his name again. Felix, like the cat. He tells them and tells them but they do not listen. They tell Feliks he has to go back to his country. That Feliks can not do.

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‘Momentum’ in Electric Velocipede Magazine
(Republished in Serendipity Magazine)
When great uncle Peter came to live with our family in the house by the sea I asked my mother why it was he never spoke. My mother explained that great uncle Peter had always been silent, that when he was born he came out without even a scream.

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‘Chaser’ in Transmission Magazine
(First published on
For four years I didnt eat. Not like you eat when you really want feeding. I nibbled at things. I took crumbs left on plates. I sipped surreptitiously from other men’s cups. Then when I was so thin that I could have slipped between the bars, they let me out.

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‘Cthul-You’ on BBC 7th Dimension
When I first heard about Cthul-YOU I was sceptical to say the least. I guess like most people I had thought anything that promised so much had to be bogus. So when the e-mail that would ultimately lead me to my dark lord and master appeared in my Inbox, you can be sure I had my reservations.

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‘Compartment’ in Route Compendium
All I can see is sky. Beautifully blue, painfully distant and always always there. All I can feel is weight. My back is pressed into the dirt so hard I’ve gone numb, weight on top but just the field below to keep me company.

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‘Horizon’ in Murky Depths, Issue #6, December 2008

I am grown in a birth cell. Embryonic implantation, organ formation, neural development in the nutrient gel of the chamber floor. Only a day and an adult body dries beneath artificial light.

‘The Sun’ in Behind the Wainscot #15

One in a series of linked tarot readings presented by Behind the Wainscot and edited by Jonathan Wood.