Axis of…

A political alignment test has incited some debate at the Asimov’s web forum under ‘Being a villain to the left and right’:

And the test itself at:

Its quite simplistic but at least raised the issue that not all liberals are communists, which seems to be a common miscoception among American conservatives.

Seems I just can’t give up crusading.

One thought on “Axis of…”

  1. Is ‘crusading’ the right choice of word for a liberal?

    Good point though; the right has always used the ‘red’ strawman to tar liberals with communism, a similar crime in America to herecy in middle age europe. Works as a strawman and a mudslinging tactic, so you can see why it’s effective.

    We liberals just call them Nazis though, so we’re no angels. I wonder what the angels call those they disagree with?



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