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Season 2 PREVIEW

Season 2 – part 1

These episodes are scheduled for early 2023. Support from members will help me get these out faster, along with accompanying commentaries and discussion events. The order of these episodes is TBD.

Season 2 – part 1 is subtitled “Kill Damo”. These are essays I have been holding back because the response is likely to be…heated. Will my critiques hit their mark? And can my critics…KILL DAMO.

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Interstellar is a religious experience

Want to fill the churches and cathedrals again? Start playing Han’s Zimmer Interstellar on endless loop.

The 1960s Philip K Dick masterpiece that nails politics in the 2020s

The Man In The High Castle is often called an Alternate History of the Second World War. This is wrong. It is a novel of Alternate Story, and the wars fought between narratives.

We Need A Better Future

Science fiction has envisioned many futures. But unless we find a better one, we’re going to end up at the most likely future scenario…life under the Harkonnens.

Every generation gets The Batman it deserves

The 40s got Batman P.I. The 60s got hipster Batman. In the 80s Batman was a city slicker, and in the 00s he was…literally…the American Psycho. Now in the 2020s we have Batman for Incels. But this evolution in The Batman archetype teaches us something important today…about men.

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