Career Management

An interesting enquiry to Miss Snark the mystery literary agent. How do you deal with embarrassing novels from earlier literary personae? And when, if ever, do you raise them with an agent?

One of the positive consequences of having crashed and burned on multiple novel writing projects is that none of my unborn children made it to maturity to embarrass me. Not that I would be likely to disown them had they, I’ve certainly got a couple of embarrassing shorties floating around out there on the net. OK…so I have disowned them…but I wouldn’t do that to entire book, would I?

The potential for a book to grow into a form of public humiliation is probably the most common reason for Novel Abandonment Syndrome. How many tomes have been brought into the world, only to be left half formed and unloved in bottom drawers? I’d make an appeal to charity but the truth is most of them are probably beyond help and would be best off finding a quick ending in the loving embrace of real log fire.

Miss Snark introduces the tantalising concept of career management. If such a thing is truly possible it represents yet another good reason to have a literary agent. In fact its probably THE most important reason for having a literary agent.



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