Matter – Iain M Banks

The very, very long awaited new culture novel from Iain M Banks slides ever closer to entering our dimension. The cover and blurb have been released on the Little Brown website.

Looks like I know what I want for my birthday then.


3 thoughts on “Matter – Iain M Banks”

  1. I can’t help noticing that, for someone whose computer has just died, you seem remarkably prolific on the blogging front at the moment! I conclude therefore, that either:

    a) you’ve bought the McBook (oh God, I think I’ll leave that typo there as a horrible warning of what it would be like if McDonalds were to start selling – or, even worse, publishing – books). On balance this seems unlikely, as I’m sure you would have announced it here; or:

    b) you’ve still got Lydia’s (which would explain why she’s been so quiet recently).

    There is, of course, a third possibility, which, however unlikely it may be, I feel I should state for the sake of completeness:

    c) you’re misusing work time and equipment in the pursuit of personal intersests. Knowing how this sort of thing is likely to be monitored by your employer, I feel it may safely be discounted.



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