Tor E-Book Giveaway

Tor are giving away an e-book a week to anyone who subscribes via e-mail on their website.

This weeks book is Mistborn by Brandon Sandersen. Bot really my thing but at least I read the first few chapters, which I doubt I would of done without having it fall into my inbox. One big frustration is the books are PDF format, which don’t read well on my Ipod Touch.

My guess is that Tor will get LOTS of people subscribe to this, and if it plays it right that could be the base of a readership for their paid e-books.

3 thoughts on “Tor E-Book Giveaway”

  1. I think it’s a pretty good idea, on the whole. I can just bet my email will be abused with spam and offers and reviews of their titles though…

    Still, glad they’ve got more formats on there. I’d prefer it if they sent me the actual books though! :-)



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