What makes a Hugo nominee tick?

I’ve been lucky enough to interview both Charlie Stross and Cory Doctorow in the last year. To celebrate their nominations for both the Hugo and Prometheus awards, here are the two interviews again for anyone who missed them. I learned a lot from doing both interviews. Charlie has an insight into what science fiction is capable of that I had never considered before, and Cory understands the new paradigm between readers and writers better than any other writer working at the moment I believe.

Charlie Stross: Tommorow’s Everyday
Halfway through an exchange of emails with the science fiction writer Charles Stross – a virtual meeting in cyberspace which might have had something of the exotic as little as five years ago – it strikes me that our text-based communication feels almost archaic now.
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Cory Doctorow: willing science fiction into fact
Cory Doctorow’s office lies behind a featureless, black security door in a north London side street, deep in a converted post-industrial warehouse, down echoing corridors and concrete stairways. It’s an appropriately “underground” headquarters for the activist-novelist, who is explaining to me why he’s not interested in predicting the future using science fiction, but influencing it.
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